6 Critical Steps to Follow in Case of a Server Hack


As the mansion gets Bigger, the number of windows for thieves to break in through, goes higher.

This is exactly the case with the internet today. There has been a surge in the number of web languages, content management platforms and online applications, all for the benefit of you and me of course. But the inadvertent drawback of this expansion is that there are now more vulnerabilities and options for hackers to exploit than ever before.

As a server admin, you can utilize numerous tools that are available to safeguard servers. Anti-virus and anti-phishing software, secure connections, hashed passwords etc. However,

5 Simple Things To Do Before You Hire An Outsourced Support Service


Outsourcing your web hosting support service is always the best option. There are a number of reasons, which we have discussed here: Why outsource? When you begin your search for the best outsourced support service, you will quickly realize that the number of options is high. Many support companies, however, belong to the lower tier in terms of quality, but there are simple ways for you to differentiate between low quality and high-class outsourced support services. You are obviously going to look for an outsourced support company that provides a high number of great features and is also cost efficient. Here

Why outsource when you can build in-house?


Every business arrives at the critical juncture of establishing a customer support team sooner or later. You might be a product based company or a service provider, if you have a customer, you need customer support. This need becomes even more critical when your business deals with web hosting, because with the internet, it is all about uptime.

Then follows the important question “should we hire professionals and host the support team in-house, or outsource our hosting support needs?” Here are a couple of reasons why outsourcing is the better option:

Saves Time

Customer support is a critical component in any business. It is

What Does a Customer Consider Before Choosing Business Website Hosting


Every business today understands the importance of having an online presence. Digital marketing is the keyword for every business promoter and the best way to establish an online footprint is with a website. With the growing number of websites comes the need for a larger number of hosting providers. Gone are the days when the choice for web hosting providers were a few. Customers now have a plethora of choices to compare between before picking the best host for their website. But what exactly do customers look for in a web hosting service?

Price and Benefits

Yes, the cost for hosting is

To create a hosted zone using the Amazon Route 53 console


  1. 1. Sign in to the Route 53 console, and select Hosted Zones from the navigation pane on the left.
  2. 2. Choose Create Hosted Zone.
  3. 3. Enter the following information into the corresponding fields:
    • For Domain Name, type your domain name; for example, “apex.example.com”.
    • For Comment, type text that describes what the subdomain does or is for.
    • For Type, choose Public.
    • Choose Create.
    • Route 53 will create the subdomain. Choose your newly created hosted zone, find the record with type NS, and take note of the four AWS name servers in the Value column.

hosted zone

Next, create a new record set under your parent domain that points to your subdomain:

  1. 1.

4 Tips to choose the best outsourced web hosting technical support provider


It’s safe to say almost every business has a website, because every business owner knows the importance of having an online presence. It puts their business within the outreach of billions of online users. Some of these businesses use their websites to spread awareness of their brand, while some companies offer services, products and essentially their business itself through the website, for example by an e-commerce website.

Whatever the purpose of the website, if it crashes even for a minute it could spell disaster. The key for every website hosting provider to ensure their customers receive the utmost satisfaction is to

AWS Security Group Rules (Allow Ip address and port numbers using the AWS security group)

Amazon EC2 Security Groups for Linux Instances. A security group acts as a virtual firewall that controls the traffic for one or more instances. When an instance is launched, you associate one or more security groups with that instance. The rules of a security group controls the inbound traffic that’s allowed to reach the instances that are associated with the security group and the outbound traffic that’s allowed to leave them.


Follow the steps below to allow ip address in the instance security group:

1. To create a security group, open the Amazon VPC console at: https://console.aws.amazon.com/vpc/. 2. In the navigation pane,

Effective Web Hosting – How to choose between cPanel, Plesk & Webmin?

Most of the people who are in need for web hosting support look for easy & simple methods to manage servers. While there is confusion in terms of usability, scalability, maintainability, and security, the good news is that a lot of web hosts offer very good control panels in their plans.

Effective Web Hosting - How to choose between cPanel, Plesk & Webmin?

They’re just web interfaces that allow admins or users to use and manage multiple server services from a web browser.

An important factor that you should consider before you select one, is to know what the vendor of web hosting support offers. For organizations with 2-3 sites, Plesk is opted by

Why is Live Chat a Necessity on Your Website?

Quality customer support plays an integral role in the growth of a business. Some companies choose to handle it themselves, while some outsource it. Irrespective of the method, it is safe to say assuring your customer is kept happy is assuring you have continued business.

Live Chat Necessity

Customer support follows a common workflow. An issue is raised by the customer, picked, diagnosed and fixed by the customer support team and then validated by the customer. It is vital that a company completes this entire workflow within the least amount of time, and with optimum quality.

Considering time is of the essence, what could be

Useful Firewall Rules to Configure and Manage Firewall in Linux

Managing network traffic is a critical aspect of any organization and a tricky job for system administrators. Knowing what traffic to allow and what to block can be a matter of being safe or vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Firewall Configure Rules

A firewall is a tool built to aid system administrator’s in regulating incoming and outgoing traffic. System administrators working with Linux servers must be familiar with Iptables. Iptables is a flexible firewall tool built for Linux operating systems. Iptables can seem intimidating, but knowing a few tricks and commands could make working with Iptables much easier.

1. What is Iptables and how to view them


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