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Cloud computing provides cutting edge technology for enterprises to manage data without any dependencies. actsupport offers 24×7 cloud hosting support to the service providers around the world through help desk, phone and live chat.


Iaas Iaas – Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud computing is a promising IT services delivery model and today’s economic situation continues to favour it. Using cloud to deliver infrastructure services has been at the door for a quite while and is now being explored by both mid and large sized organizations. Since it is device-independent, the business cadres are very much impressed by the data availability on the go!

Cloud Consulting Services Cloud Consulting Services

In a world where Information Technology is considered to be the most essential aspect of our daily lives, the cloud solutions offered at actsupport enable Business Enterprises to realize the full potential of their IT resources and enhance their competitive advantages globally, and to derive the best value from IT investments

Cloud Enablement Services Cloud Enablement Services

actsupport provides support to global organizations by executing a cloud strategy that entitles your company without creating unnecessary risks. The hardware and software applications will continue to run as expected before, during and after cloud enablement. Migration services help clients, successfully transform into cloud environment by gaining clarity on important architectural decisions. And pave way for future cloud initiatives by minimizing business impacts and information technology risks associated during migration.

Security Services Security Services

actsupport helps enterprises to enhance their security of cloud computing environment through data confidentiality and applications security. Companies that invest in Information Security, Business Continuity, Risk Management and Compliance, knows that these disciplines requires management and constant monitoring by dedicated and specialized team. Partnered with ACT Cloud Security Operations Center, the company will be provided with a high qualified team, responsible for 24×7 cloud management and monitoring.

Cloud Enablement Services Backup and Storage for Cloud Environment

For mission critical applications and services on cloud environment, data backup is always the top priority. Financial transaction, customer database or any other business in which data plays a major role requires a comprehensive backup plan to secure data.We at actsupport are highly qualified to provide effective backup plans and skilled dedicated teams to manage it, thus allowing you to focus on your business excellence.

Security Services Storage Provisioning

Resource optimization is always on top of the list for small to medium or even large scale industries. Storage provisioning is the process of assigning storage, usually in the form of server disk drive space, in order to optimize the performance of a storage area network. With evolution of Cloud Computing the process of storage provisioning is also automated.

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